6 Places To Eat In Madrid

Restaurant IO

What: The modern and bright gastro home of Spanish celeb Chef Iñaki Oyarbide. The menu is divided into large and small plates and four different groups; Lo de Siempre (the usuals), Lo Nuestro (traditional), Iñakis (invented by Iñaki himself) and From the World.
Dish: Carpaccio of Almeria Red Prawn
Reservations: Reservations can be made online via their request form or by telephone (00 34) 91 344 05 56
Website: here

Restaurant Bar

The bar at Restaurant IO

NO Restaurant

What: Just over a year old this restaurant features a striking monochrome interior and a brilliant terrace that is private yet breezy. The Chef, Xavier Márquez,  trained in London and it shows with a British touch, less ingredients and higher prices than expected in Madrid.
Dish: Boneless Pig’s Trotters, Prawns and Pedro Ximenez Glaze
Reservations: Reservations can be made online via their booking engine or by telephone (00 34) 91 431 64 56
Website: here


The terrace at NO Restaurant

Lobby Market

What: Bustling all-day spot with a restaurant area with traditional seating and an informal “Gourmet Zone” with stools and high tables. The latter has a menu packed with pinchos and sharing plates, the former larger dishes with some options to share. The food is bright, fresh and traditional with a flash of the unexpected.
Dish: Crumbed Aubergines with Honey and Garlic Foam
Reservations: Reservations can be made online via their booking engine.
Website: here


The Gourmet Zone at Lobby Market

El Club Allard

What: Widely appreciated as Madrid’s best restaurant bursting with awards including two Michelin stars. They serve three menus at different price points to be eaten by the entire table; Rendezvous, Seduction, Revolution. Each of which are an example of the magic of modern Spanish cooking where each dish is a tiny piece of art.
Dish: After ordering you are brought a dip.. with which to eat the very menu you selected from. Brilliant.
Reservations: Reservations can be made online via their booking engine, or by telephone for last minute availability (0034) 91 559 09 39.
Website: here

Restaurant Interior

El Club Allard Interior


What: Old school Madrileño establishment that has just celebrated it’s 40th birthday and naturally it frequently welcomes royalty, ministers and foreign dignitaries. The food is equally as grand with a modern flair and as much emphasis on their desserts as the rest of the menu.
Dish: Sirloin with Foie Gras and Minted Lentils
Reservations: Reservations can be made by emailing admon@zalacain.es or by telephone (00 34) 91 561 48 40
Website: here


Director, Chef and Sommelier at Zalacain Restaurant


What: An old bread factory transformed by clever architecture that exploits “light, reflection and sensations” more effectively so after dark. Dishes are designed for sharing and are essentially Spanish with a Mediterranean flourish.
Dish: Try the dessert fruit platter that features at least 20 seasonal fruits and looks brilliant against the style of interior.
Reservations: Reservations can be made online via their booking engine.
Website: here


Pandelujo Restaurant Interior

Casino de Madrid

What: The whole experience is beautiful and surprising from start to finish: The building itself (dating from 1836) is a marvel of painting, sculpture and opulence, the roof-top dining room is a modern version of similar elegance and the avant-garde food comes from a kitchen advised by Ferran Adrià. Tasting menu at night, set-lunch otherwise.
Dish: Shrimp Omelette (yes you can guess it won’t be that simple)
Reservations: Reservations can be made by email terraza.casino@nh-hotels.com or by telephone (00 34) 91 532 12 75
Website: here


Casino de Madrid Restaurant Interior

Mercado de San Anton

What: An old food market totally renovated to a bright and clean 3-floor foodie destination. The first floor hosts “traditional” market stalls, the second is a range of independent stalls serving ready to eat snacks ranging from basic to gourmet, the third is occupied by a restaurant very popular for watching the sun set over Chueca with a cocktail in hand from their brilliant terrace.
Dish: Select your raw ingredients from the first floor and the third floor restaurant will cook it for you or try the modern and traditional ready-to-eat bites from the second floor. Finish with a cocktail on the terrace.
Reservations: No reservations required for the market, grab a table and start snacking. To reserve a table to eat in the restaurant or on the terrace book online here
Website: here


Arial view of the Mercado de San Anton

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