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1. Sunbathe on Egremni Beach

Perhaps the highlight of our visit to Lefkas was the stunning Egremni beach. Having left behind not so pleasant weather in the UK it was simply breathtaking and hard to believe I was still in Europe to see such striking clear blue water and unspoilt sand.

Egremni Beach is located on the far South West tip of the island and was by far the most beautiful of Lefkada’s beaches. Driving in Greece alone is not for the faint-hearted but the island of Lefkada is something else, prepare yourself for the road to Egremni Beach. There are frequent winding cliff-edged roads just to get to the car park and for anybody scared of heights like myself there is nothing quite like driving towards the edge of an open cliff in order to park a car – I can assure you!

Once you are at the car park there is then the fairly substantial task of a 300 step railing path down to the beach itself. It is worth mentioning you really need to bring your own supplies as there is only one small beach bar and they have to go back up the path to bring you any food from the restaurant at the top.

Egremni Beach

Egremni Beach: Acres of perfect sand and crystal clear water

2. Lunch at Dimitri’s Taverna

Almost half of the male population on Lefkada seemed to be called Dimitri, in fact I saw another Taverna also called Dmitri’s the same day I visited here but you will know there is only one Dimitri’s when you visit here.

The taverna is not so easy to find and was a welcome tip from a friend, this is a family run restaurant located opened in 1973 in Paleokatouna near Nidri on the South East coast. Dimitri goes fishing every day and brings back his catch the menu is authentic Greek, simple, fresh, mostly seafood dishes which are well cooked and the service is extremely warm.

What is special about this place is that half of the restaurant dining room is on decking which juts out into a sheltered cove of flat sea which provides quite an intimate setting. A quiet lunch of freshly caught rock lobsters and Champagne with your lady would be a very romantic gesture indeed.

For bookings call the restaurant locally on 2645092227 or email dim taverna_geni@hotmail.com

Dimitri's Taverna Lefkada

View of Dimitri’s Taverna from the decking

3. Dinner in Sivota Bay Fishing Village

Sivota Bay is a beautiful small fishing village located towards the South East corner of the island which is extremely popular with the salty sea dog yachting community as it is a great place to moor up for the evening. There are several restaurants to choose from however we would recommend Spiridoula Taverna, known to have the best food and atmosphere. Just follow the deck shoes if you are unsure.

Sivota Bay

Sivota Bay early evening

4. Visit Land of Lefkas Wines

Worth visiting early on your travels to stock up on supplies is the vineyard come museum buy Pregabalin online canada.

This vineyard produces both dry and sweet white, red and rose wines using the native grape varieties Vardea and Vertzami which are only grown on the island.

There are daily tours and they have their own wine museum where you can see their antique wine production equipment. It is quite interesting to see how hand made but effective the tools were. Much of the island is very unspoilt and many people make their own small batches of wine so you can imagine similar tools are probably still in use today.

order Pregabalin

where to order Pregabalin

GT are delighted to help raise awareness for Discovery Channel’s Make Your World Bigger campaign by supporting their Pregabalin purchase canada microsite.

As part of their #MYWBPledge philosophy Discovery Channel is asking people to make a pledge to do something unfulfilled. Once you’ve drawn up your list visit www.mywbcompetition.com and you may see it realised.

Here at GT we support this campaign as it is encouraging the discovery of new things. Travelling plays a large part in that and Discovery Channel has long provided a brilliant platform to show people what the world has to offer. Who better to trust to realise desires that are often put to one side?

To help get the ball rolling here are GT’s Top 5 Make Your World Bigger pledges:

  1. Take a trip across a desert
  2. Dinner at Ferran Adria’s new London outpost
  3. A visit to Berlin for the nightlife
  4. Weekend Break in Dubrovnik, Croatia
  5. Catching my first Grayling on-the-fly

Make Your World Bigger

Visit mail order Pregabalin now to submit your entry and be in with a chance of having your pledge fulfilled.

All words by David Hamilton. This is not an advertisement feature.

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can you buy Pregabalin in mexico

Best Of 2014 is a retrospective look back at my favourite items and experiences of 2014, a year which firmly reignited my childhood passion for fishing and included perhaps the best beach holiday I have ever had.

Best Hotel Experience

want to buy Pregabalin. More small mountain village than hotel we were surrounded by forest overlooking a white sand beach in the Gulf of Thailand.

Best Dining Experience

where to buy Pregabalin uk, Chelsea. Had a really memorable meal here reunited with friends in great spirits aided by a really well selected sake menu and their excellent Tuna Sashimi Pizza dish.

Best Experiences

Leaving a cold British January behind to attend a beach wedding in Koh Samui Thailand. Catching my first Salmon on the fly from the River Oykel in the Scottish Highlands.

Favourite Clothing Brand

Pregabalin buy from uk. This Copenhagen based company creates seasonal collections which blend streetwear and classical workwear with high-end fashion.

Favourite Destination Visited

Benmore, Lairg, Scottish Highlands.

Favourite Album

Pregabalin no prescription ‘Present Tense’. The bands fourth album is a masterpiece and you must listen to it. I will say no more on the matter.

Favourite Single

how to purchase Pregabalin ‘Happy’. Great new material from my favourite music production duo and an upbeat song that always lifts the spirits featuring vocals by Mark Foster.

Favourite Photograph

Benmore Lodge catching the sun over Loch Ailsh.
Pictured Above.

buy Pregabalin cheap

buy Pregabalin india

I would like to share a brand new addition to London’s ever improving restaurant scene. This addition is the rather good Shikumen.

A quick look at their website reveals that Shikumen translates to “stone gate” and is a colonial style of arched architecture unique to Shanghai which apparently was de rigueur for the city in the 40s.

Upon arrival you are greeted by a friendly reception desk which can make you feel as though you have arrived at the nearby Dorsett hotel. Fear not, you are soon put straight and whisked into the restaurant by their efficient staff.

When inside there is a bar area with an impressive solid table carved from a single tree and a 40’s style gramophone. The restaurant itself is very large and spacious with an overall modern feel whilst displaying provincial artworks and for such a large restaurant the main central restaurant floor itself can feel more intimate than expected due to a clever use of a lowered floor.

My guest and I ordered a wide selection of dim sum from the menu which we were pleased to hear are all handmade along with some congee soup and tea.

Our favourites were the Cheung Fun wrapped around fried dough with was a delicious combination of soft and crunchy with a salty soy dressing, the Tianjin Goubuli Bun that featured the obligatory 18 folds (noted attention to detail) and the Chicken Taro Croquettes that had an unusual look and texture due to the taro that explodes as it hits the oil. All brilliant, all fresh and the ingredients were really top notch. Whoever is sourcing is doing a good job.

The dessert was almost the highlight of the meal. We opted for the Ginger Tea with Dumpling that we were advised wasn’t to Western tastes and all the more reason to try it in my opinion! (having said that the last time I did that it was duck’s tongue in a Thai restaurant which was as bad as it sounds). The soup consists of quite a strong hot sweet ginger consommé like broth extracted from pulping and steeping fresh ginger which must be able to cure a cold all by itself. Floating in the soup were three small soft white dumplings filled with black sesame seeds. The combination of ginger, soft dough and crunchy seeds was an absolute joy to eat and a brilliant stomach-settler.

In my opinion you will not be able to find better quality Dim Sum or Chinese dishes in London for this price.

Shikumen Taro Croquettes

Shikumen’s Taro Croquettes Dish

Cost of two courses with tea and a cocktail:
£25 per person.

9 out of 10 – the ingredients shone and a peek into the kitchen showed an army of specialist Chefs.

7 out of 10 – early days yet but the restaurant will be full soon.

9 out of 10 – very efficient and courteous.

9 out of 10 – will be returning frequently.

Summary in seven:
One of London’s best dim sum options.

can i buy Pregabalin in mexico
Shikumen Shepherd’s Bush, Dorsett Hotel, 58 Shepherd’s Bush Green, London, W12 8QE.
Open: Mon to Sat: 12:00 to 23:00 / Sunday 11:30 to 23:00.
Tel: 020 8749 9978
Email: shepherdsbush@shikumen.co.uk
Book Online: order Pregabalin online

buy Pregabalin australia

Pregabalin 150mg buy

Popular Mayfair based pub The Punchbowl has recently had a bit of a makeover after being purchased recently by can you buy Pregabalin over the counter an attractive collection of Inns who look like they know their stuff. Having heard about this along with their new chef, GT decided to investigate and find out what’s on offer.

You may well know this place as the pub formerly owned by Guy Ritchie and therefore a favourite haunt of celebrities. Not having ventured in myself before I don’t have anything to compare it with for the makeover but what I discovered on arrival was a bustling pub full of happy customers and a newly refurbished modern restaurant upstairs. Above this on the second and top floor is a large space “The Club” used for private parties which despite my curiosity I didn’t venture into as it sounded like there was a private party in full swing.

I appreciated the restaurant on first impressions, it is a well furnished affair of around 30 covers, most noticeably the roof was painted gold with the effect of dripping down the walls upon which are hung several striking oil on canvas portraits of fashion models. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the modelling world but the waitress kindly told me who they were – aside from the ubiquitous Ms Moss I still have no idea!

The restaurant is quite open and looks into the kitchen area which also serves “The Club”, at first I really liked this and remarked that it feels like being in a very well decorated living room but at the end of the evening I would have perhaps preferred a degree more separation such as the use of a screen to give that bit of extra separation from the inner workings of a restaurant – that’s the atmosphere – the food on the other hand would be hard to critique.

The Punchbowl Interior

The restaurant Interior with gold ceiling

The menu is very well set out offering a good selection of honest traditional British dishes, in fact there is probably nothing I wouldn’t have been happy to order off it which is quite rare.

The food was very well cooked indeed, in fact it was near perfect, so I am sure that new chef Nathan Andrews who has experience from working in restaurants such as Petrus will be appreciated by customers new and old.

I had roasted scallops with slow cooked bacon to start with, the combination of flavours on the plate was very good and they were cooked perfectly. This was followed by beef shin and rump which came with truffle mash and a delicious bone marrow and red wine sauce, the beef really was fantastic quality and this was in my mind as faultless a beef main course as you can get. What is really clear is that the sourcing is excellent and Andrews real skill is allowing the ingredients to shine.

I will be sure to visit again.

Scallop Starter

Roasted hand-dived south coast scallops with slow cooked bacon, apple £13.50

Cost of two courses with a bottle of wine:
£50 per person

9 out of 10 – strong British menu cooked very well

6 out of 10 – can feel a bit like the overspill of the staff room when the restaurant is quiet

8 out of 10 – pleasant, chatty

7 out of 10 – a good dining experience worth repeating

Summary in seven:
British dishes cooked as they should be!

can you buy Pregabalin online
41 Farm Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5RP.
Open: Mon to Sat: 12:00 to 23:00 / Sunday 12:00 to 22:30.
Tel: 0207 493 6841
Email: reservations@punchbowllondon.com

buy Pregabalin canada

Pregabalin back order

On two occasions recently I have found myself enjoying the surroundings of the can i buy Pregabalin over the counter in spain on the ground floor of where do i buy Pregabalin hotel.

The bar may be somewhat under appreciated therefore I feel obliged to recommend it for afternoon drinks whatever the day. It is often tricky to find a good venue that fills THAT space for a few drinks during the day or similarly before you head on for the evening and The Rib Room fits the bill quite nicely.

Why should you go? What awaits you is a relaxed environment where you will more often than not be able to find a space for yourself or friends at the bar or at a table and if you are lucky somewhere on the small terrace.

Let’s start with the drinks. The 10 metre long bar itself dominates the room creating an attractive marble alter paying homage to fine gins and whiskies.

Gin fans are particularly in luck. On my last visit I took the time to chat to the barman Vicenco who proudly showed me their range of 19 gins and 10 bitters.

Initially I visited the bar on recommendation from a friend who raved about their cocktails and I do agree they are particularly good however if you don’t drink the virgin cocktails are also worth ordering. I tried an Orchard Breeze (apple juice, pear purée, soda water, ginger & cinnamon) (£8) purely because it sounded great, it was, and perhaps the best virgin cocktail I have tasted.

I shared a range of bar snacks including crispy boneless chicken wings with mango and black pepper caramel (£11), tiger prawns with soy, ginger and chilli (£14) and the extravagant and rather delicious crab and lobster burger (£22).

Rib Room Bar Burger

The Rib Room Bar’s Crab & Lobster Burger

Typical cost of three cocktails and snacks at the bar:
£65 per person

Food & Drink:
7 out of 10 – good bar food and excellent drinks

6 out of 10 – a bit too quiet for the room size (why GT is recommending)

9 out of 10 – polite and very helpful

7 out of 10 – worth revisiting for excellent drinks and good bar food

Summary in seven:
Under appreciated destination perfect for afternoon drinks

The Rib Room Bar
Jumeirah Carlton Tower
2 Cadogan Place, London, SW1X 9PY.
Dress Code: Smart casual
Telephone: +44 20 7858 7250
Email: reservations@theribroom.co.uk

buy Pregabalin uk

can i buy Pregabalin over the counter in uk

I have wanted to visit The Wolseley ever since I heard that my great grandfather once bought a car from the building back when it was a prominent car dealership called Wolseley Motors.

One can only imagine just how different London must have been then for a car dealership to take up such a prime central London location. Luckily for me I didn’t have to try too hard as the walls are adorned with past images helping to illustrate the buildings automotive past.

The Wolseley first opened as a restaurant in November 2003 by J. Sheekey, Chris Corbin and Jeremy King and was described back then as an “all-day Grand European café”.

Having booked a week in advance we were looking forward to our lunch and on arrival at 1pm the restaurant was absolutely buzzing without a spare seat in sight. The main features of the restaurant are large marble columns, indoor balconies, polished brass fittings and a cavernous roof above. It is a very intriguing space indeed attracting a real mix of clientele.

As expected the menu consisted of a well constructed bistro style selection of classic French and European dishes. Our table shared some beautiful Jersey Rock Oysters. I chose the classic bistro starter of Escargots followed by their Classic Hamburger, both as refined as they can be, while my guest was very impressed with their Steak Tartare. We shared a bottle of Sancerre.


The Wolseley restaurant interior

Cost of lunch with a bottle of wine:
£45 per person

7 out of 10 – great quality bistro style food

9 out of 10 – a buzzing floor with eye catching surroundings

8 out of 10 – pleasant, helpful

7 out of 10 – a really enjoyable experience

Summary in seven:
Perfect destination for a long lazy lunch


The Wolseley Hamburger

The Wolseley
160 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EB
Open: Mon-Fri 7am til midnight / Saturday 8am til midnight / Sunday 8am til 11pm.
Tel: 020 7499 6996
Email: reservations@thewolseley.com

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GT Approved: Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts

With our deep rooted desire to travel as often as possible it is about time GT recommended our swim shorts of choice.

Having scouring stores in London and online we approve Orlebar Brown for their quality Bulldog range.

What we love about these shorts:

    They feature a timeless shape, cut just above the knee with classic looking side fasteners on the waist.
    The real winner for these swimming trunks is their wide array of prints taken from stylised photographs. The photographic edition features photograph images from various creative archives and the images have been expertly mapped to the trunks in 360° so the rear of the trunks also feature the photograph.
    The shorts are created with a very fast drying polyester fabric that is chlorine, salt water, light and rub tested so they look and wear well in and out of water.
Kaufman Print Bulldog Swim Shorts £225

Kaufman Print Bulldog Swim Shorts £225

Apparently the Bulldog short was in their very first collection and is now their best selling item. The shorts are based on the traditional 17 piece pattern of a man’s suit trouser and are described by Orlebar Brown as “not just a swim short – but a short you can swim in. A perfect bridge short, tailored for style, comfort and performance. Wear on and off the beach”.

GT put these trunks to the test on our recent visit to Grenada and liked them so much we have since bought another pair.

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5 Things To Eat In Grenada

1. Calaloo Soup

The first thing GT tried in Grenada is Calaloo soup, an appetising dark green soup that tastes of green leaves, peppers and spinach.

Calaloo varies as you travel around the Caribbean but the base ingredients include Calaloo leaves or spinach, chicken stock or coconut milk, crabmeat, onion, shallots, green chili and okra. We particularly enjoyed the version served up by Patrick’s in St. George’s – a hearty bowl full of flavour.

2. Lionfish

Lionfish is a reef fish with delicious white flesh that tastes somewhere between cod and snapper. We recommend eating Lionfish baked or fried and accompanied by the spice and fruit of a Creole sauce.

This is an invasive predatory reef fish which needs culling due to a surge in numbers so this means Grenadian dive instructors are happy to catch them for you. The only problem is that the fish have venomous spines which puts off many restauranteurs however we watched the preparation process and this can be overcome if care is taken while chopping the spines off at the base. GT’s Lionfish was caught by Aquanauts at the True Blue Bay restaurant located just next door to the dive centre.

Lionfish Grenada

Lionfish caught in Grenada

3. Grenadian Chocolate

Grenada produce delicious organic chocolate on the island at the Grenada Chocolate company factory from their plantation site which has been podding, fermenting, drying and emulsifying since the 1700s. Their chocolate is about as unadulterated as you can get and is a perfect gift for chocolate-loving friends and relatives.

GT was especially interested to see people making their own cocoa tea. The fruit is in such abundance on the island Grenadian people make their own delicious version of hot chocolate which contains cane sugar and local spices such as nutmeg. If the temperature drops this is something to seek out.

Cocoa Grenada

Cocoa Drying in Grenada

4. Nutmeg Ice Ceam

GT were privvy to heated debates about the new ‘Pure Grenada’ tourism campaign that has replaced their moniker of “The Spice Island”. Grenadians are very proud of their association with fine spices and nutmeg is the jewel in their crown. Grenada is the second largest producer of nutmeg and produce arguably the best example in the world. GT tried the nutmeg and don’t know where the little brown seed in the kitchen originated but it is a very pale comparison.

A common use of nutmeg in Grenada is for delicious freshly made ice-cream. GT tried this at the Belmont Estate on a hot day and it was an unusual and refreshing combination of silky cream and zippy spice.

Nutmeg Grenada

Nutmeg Fruit, Mace & Seed from Grenada

5. Oildown

Last but by no means least is Grenada’s national dish, Oildown. Ignore the name, Oildown is an unctuous meat stew created with salted pork along with the same base ingredients as a typical British stew (onion, carrot, celery). To this the Grenadians often add plantain, coconut milk, dasheen (taro), peppers and the breadfruit, a large starchy fruit that looks like a giant conker, often used as a substitute for flour in the Caribbean (see image below).

Take yourself off on a culinary trip to Grenada with return flights and seven nights accommodation from only £599 via BA.

Breadfruit Grenada

Breadfruit on the tree in Grenada

Anything else we should try on our next visit? Please do leave a comment below…

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