GT Approved: Filson Bags

If you are looking for bags which combine three essential attributes of being casual, hard wearing and high quality GT believe Filson offer the best products on the market.

The beauty of Filson’s casual bags is their use of rugged twill which is highly durable and a water-repellent fabric which according to the company “maintains its integrity even after heavy use in punishing conditions”. What really completes the bag though is the very pleasing quality of the fittings the straps and handles are of excellent bridle quality leather and their closure are heavy duty brass snaps and zips which are really built to last.

I became a fan of their products through a fishing friend who owns one of their bags which is still going sighting after a decades use and recently purchased their original briefcase and medium sized weekend bag as pictured above which compliment each other beautifully by covering both of my most frequent needs: My working days with laptop, notepad and accessories and my weekend travel breaks with just enough room for two changes of clothes a pair of shoes and washbag.

I opted for the brown colour but there are also options in green, tan, navy and black which all look well. I find the bags to have a kind of effortless cool and simplistic appeal. The label inside the briefcase says ‘MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE BEST’ a notion in which GT firmly agree.

The fabric is simply wipe or brush clean and I can tell you although the fabric looks like canvas it can withstand quite a downpour which I found to my peril at the CLA Game Fair a couple of weeks back!

Filson luggage is available from their London Store, the first ever stand-alone Filson location outside the US.

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