GT Approved: Blok Knives

A good friend of mine who is also a chef once advised me that a really good set of knives can last a lifetime so I should look to invest in a good set rather than a typical mass produced product. Since then I have been keeping my eye out for a unique set.

Most of the knives I have seen have been Japanese so I was delighted to hear about Blok Knives; the creation of Ben a graphic designer turned artisan knife maker from Derbyshire UK.

Each knife he creates is hand made in his workshop using Carbon Steel hardened to 60 HRC (basically very hard indeed) which does’t contain any Chromium, this means it can both hold and maintain a very sharp edge. The real beauty of Ben’s knives however is their shape and the handles which have been crafted from a different piece of quality hard wood to reveal unique patterns in the wood as you can see from the pictures of the Chef Knives above and Pairing Knives below.


Pairing Knives

Being a graphic designer Ben is also happy to personalise each blade with an image or initialing which would make a Blok knife a truly unique present for any aspiring or practicing chef. Most of us use knives practically everyday in the kitchen so a present to oneself is not out of the question.


The Blok Workshop

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