GT’s Top 5 Make Your World Bigger 2015 Pledges

GT are delighted to help raise awareness for Discovery Channel’s Make Your World Bigger campaign by supporting their microsite.

As part of their #MYWBPledge philosophy Discovery Channel is asking people to make a pledge to do something unfulfilled. Once you’ve drawn up your list visit and you may see it realised.

Here at GT we support this campaign as it is encouraging the discovery of new things. Travelling plays a large part in that and Discovery Channel has long provided a brilliant platform to show people what the world has to offer. Who better to trust to realise desires that are often put to one side?

To help get the ball rolling here are GT’s Top 5 Make Your World Bigger pledges:

  1. Take a trip across a desert
  2. Dinner at Ferran Adria’s new London outpost
  3. A visit to Berlin for the nightlife
  4. Weekend Break in Dubrovnik, Croatia
  5. Catching my first Grayling on-the-fly

Make Your World Bigger

Visit now to submit your entry and be in with a chance of having your pledge fulfilled.

All words by David Hamilton. This is not an advertisement feature.

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