GT Approved: VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk

With the holidays behind us and a fresh new year now in full swing there is always a desire to compensate for over indulgence with a boost of health and fitness.

This year when considering ways to make lifestyle improvements I have been conscious of just how much more screen and desk time I needed in 2017 and that this should be an area I look at addressing before I step out into the freezing January air for another jog and lungful of exhaust fumes!

I first noticed standing desks when visiting a friend at work, it struck me what a good idea these may be, if only they looked far less ugly! Recalling this I began to have a look at what was out there in the marketplace and the brand that stood out to me is Varidesk.

I particularly liked their Pro Plus 36 model in white as pictured above, this desk is a standalone unit which can be placed on a regular table to convert it into both a standing desk and seated desk. Looks wise the desk unit has nice minimalist curved lines and does not look out of place in my modern office.

Feature wise The Pro Plus 36 incorporates a two tiered design ideal which allows me to separate my laptop and monitor from keyboard and mouse. Adjusting between sitting and standing is achieved via a spring loaded boost with 11 different height settings where you can find the perfect level for your own height.

If you are reading this and thinking of buying one I must mention that you need a sturdy desk underneath as this is a solid piece of kit which weighs a fair bit and is certainly not portable over long distances which is a good thing as my new elevated desk feels very sturdy and any wobbles would most likely drive me mad after a while.

The million dollar questions is “is the change to standing desk worth recommending?” and I can honestly say it is. For the first few days of use my legs tired towards the end of the day and I sat down again toward the end of days 1 and 2, however I have not sat down at my desk now for 3 weeks and the most noticeable change is that my leg muscles have become significantly stronger since and I no longer get tired from standing all day.

The main advantage I really like is that after work it is now really nice to enjoy sitting down to watch TV or read, it no longer feels lazy to sit down again after a day of sitting in the office!

Critically standing has many health benefits that while not as noticeable as stronger legs make my decision to move to a standing desk seem long overdue:

  • 50 extra calories burned an hour
  • Reduced risk of cancer linked to a sedentary lifestyle
  • Reduction in back pain from better posture
  • Reduced risk of blood sugar spikes and diabetes

VARIDESK UK Website | VARIDESK Instagram
The VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 currently retails at £365

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